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A little about me! How this store came about was out of pure annoyance! I had found these really awesome cute Tees for a great price. I ordered 2 and waited....and waited... a month and a half... I thought maybe they were from across seas...they were not. It was a scam. Well in the same time period my daughter had a similar experience. I have a computer background and the light went off!!! I can do these shirts myself!!! And BOOM I did! And then it became a hobby and now a business! If you have a specific idea or product you’d like reach out to me! I can certainly get one designed up for you! All my designs are available in Unisex T-shirts, hoodies, and 3/4 length Raglan shirts along with Men’s & Ladies tanks and long sleeve t-shirts. If there is a design you’d like in one of those reach out! It is not a problem at all!

T-Shirts & Tanks: $21.98
Raglan: $26.98
Long Sleeve: $29.98
Hoodies: $40.98


As far as the F... Cancer section. In June of 2017 we were rescuing a pit bull from Houston Texas (his name is Houston). We were due to have him in our home in mid August and in early July we got a call that he needed to be transported up here ASAP! A couple weeks before the call he had jumped on his foster mom and pushed on her breast. It was uncomfortable. A couple days later he did the same thing and she got a worse result. She decided to see the doctor. Breast cancer....she needed chemo immediately and needed to get her fosters into their new homes ASAP so she could care for herself. I am grateful to know call her my friend and part of Houston’s life! She saved him (1 yr old pit bull found at 23 lbs literally on the brink of death) then in turn he saved her! A bond neither of them will forget! And trust me when she came up to visit he remembered EXACTLY who she was! It was so emotional for everyone! Marsha is currently going through procedures for another form of cancer and we are all sending positive vibes and energy to her! She’s got this!! She kicked Cancer in the Ass once she’ll do it again!

At the same exact time my very best friend was battling breast cancer and didn’t tell anyone until the day she was removing 1 1/2 of her breasts. I was devastated for her and her family! I would be lost without her if she didn’t catch it in time! She battled a lot of the crap that goes along with cancer by herself, without telling anyone her fears, her emotions and irrational thinking. Now, some time later she can and has. We have cried and screamed together and she is the strongest most amazing woman I have ever had in my life and this is why I have this line and will be constantly adding to it!
This section of the store is added to my 2 angels on earth, Tracy and Marsha! I love you both so much! With that 10% of profits for any of the cancer awareness clothing are donated to Dana Farber Foundation and 10% of profits from the breast cancer awareness clothing is donated to Susan G Komen foundation!

Enjoy your visit! I am here for any questions!