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Personalized, Engraved Gifts and Favors

A few years ago I was working at my friend's company that was an exotic car rental business. I was an event planner and specialized in weddings. As you can imagine, I got to see many different decorations over this course of working the weddings and events. I loved the personalization and the engraving on many of the decorations, so when I started Shirt Princess I wanted to make sure my store offered customizable products, so that my customers could really make them their own, whether it was engraved wedding favors, etched wine glasses, bachelorette party tank tops, class trip tee shirts or anything you could think of.

Personalized Engraved GiftsOver the course of the past couple years I have learned that engraved products aren't as easy to get as they once were, but I found a supplier that allows me to engrave and customize many different products. Now, I have a large selection of wedding decorations and gifts along with many other gift ideas available on my online store. Just take a look! makes it is a very easy process to get your product customized. You choose the product you like and fill in the customization space before you check out. I am available to help if you have questions, or need some fresh ideas.


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