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My New Obsession

Happy Sunday morning!!! I hope you all are enjoying your cup of coffee or tea this morning! In NH it is an absolutely beautiful morning. 

I have decided to start blogging on different products and will also be blogging about mine in the future. Due to an accident I had on July 17, 2019 I have had to resort to shopping online as getting around stores is bit stressful and tiring for me. Amazon has become my best friend!

One of my few passions is doing my nails! I do my own nails using acrylics and then I use UV light curing gel polishes! I love the different looks I can create by myself and changing them constantly. My newest obsession is Sexy Mix Color Changing UV Gel Polish 

These polishes change colors when your hands are hot or cold. When I was a kid I LOVED mood rings and these are the equivalent! This kit comes in 8 colors and the only thing you need is a bonding agent (I use the same one that I use to fill in my acrylics, Bondaid Nail Treatment Bond Aid Nail Prep 1oz/30ml), a primer, a clear top coat again I use the one I have been using all along, a UV light  which was super inexpensive and I love it! You will also need rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth to remove any tackiness left after the clear coat cures. 

Anyways back to the polishes! So I have used 2 so far the latest one when cold is a very deep purple and when warm it turns a really gorgeous peach color!  

Sexy Mix UV Gel Polish sexymix-5710

The first one I did was a light pink when warm and an amazing purple when my hands were cold. 

 Sexy Mix Gel Polish sexymix-5732

These polishes go on easy. Be sure to do a very thin coat on your first coat and then a normal coat for the second. I do 3 coats of color just to make sure I have covered all the areas. Now two things to keep in mind. I am NOT a professional AND I have super shaky hands. So If I can do this and I am happy with the outcomes than YOU can do it! 

I started doing my nails as a distraction from the accident and having so much time on my pun it is my relaxation and I am having so much fun! Stay tuned for many more reviews and tips! Keep enjoying your Sunday!  


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