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Easiest ponytail using L'ange 7 Piece extension kit

I sometimes laugh really hard when I watch my videos. I have never really Vlogged before and I am still learning the basics. One is angles and second is not doing a vlog as soon as you wake up because you sound like a trucker first thing in the morning.

In this Vlog I talk about one way to put your hair in a ponytail using extensions. I also talk about the different products I use and I honestly have to say I have noticed a difference in my how soft my hair is using these products!

All of the products I use will be linked. Just click on the product and it will bring you to the specific page I got it from.

Step One: I washed my hair the night before and as soon as I get out of the shower I use

Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment 

Moroccanoil Root Booster 

L’ange Envie Leave in Conditioner 

L’ange Rival Heat Sheild 

L’ange Sea salt Texture 

Step 2: Separate Hair into technically 5 Sections

1 for the top front 3rd

1 For either side

1 For the back bottom 3rd

Make a ponytail in the back center 3rd

Step 3

Take the one clip pieces and try to as close to the band as possible. Clip in on either side of the ponytail with clips facing ponytail. Then take the 2 clip pieces and clip on the top and the bottom. Move on to the 3 clip pieces placing those on either the sides of the ponytail or the top and bottom where ever you are more comfortable.  Then, lastly, take the four clip piece and clip that around the ponytail.

Step 4

Because I have such fine hair I have to tease my hair so it hides the clips.

Step 5

Comb all hair into a ponytail and put an elastic in.


Again, I have really fine hair. You will find a way that works best for you. However, this is a start.  And as promised I use Elf Mascara everyday and that is pretty much it! Feel free to like and share this and subscribe for more videos.



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